Q&A with Bryn



I don't like to pinpoint who Charley’s is for because I think that Charley’s can be for so many women. But if I had to say who will want to be in the space, I would say Charley’s is a space for any woman looking to push herself to do her best work. Charley’s is a space for women who want to grow their community. It is for women who believe that when women work together only good things can come out of it. It is for those who believe that they have skills to offer and also have skills they want to learn to help their business blossom. This is a community of fierce individuals who are looking to build genuine relationships and who want to grow their business with help from the Charley’s team and the Charley’s community.


Why We're Different

Well, for starters, Charley’s is my own concept – locally made you might say! I think it’s important to really know your members, and I’ve been in Denver 10 years now. I've been lucky to meet and work alongside so many incredible women of this city, so when it was time to conceptualize Charley’s, I went directly to these women to ask what they would want in a co-working space. Charley’s is a boutique co-working space that really resonates with a lot of people in regard to size. What I heard, is that women want to be a part of a community, but to not get lost in the mix as just a number. As well, Charley’s is really focused on the business building aspect – we are bringing in teachers and mentors to help members with their businesses. Our one feature that I’ve never seen in another co-working space is our salon, Jolene's. Any ladies in the hair/makeup industry feel free to reach out to us to learn more about renting it out!


Why Women's Only

I had someone ask me if I didn’t like men and that just isn’t the case at all. I have so many supportive men in my life, whom I support in return. Charley’s is not anti-men by any means, that’s not what the space is about. The space is about bringing women together, to take away the demands society puts on us, the unrealistic expectations expected out of us, the competition we are told we must have with one another and allow members to just be themselves. Our motto is “Come As You Are” for a reason – it goes further then just the appearance level. If you want to come after the gym in your workout clothes, great, if you want to dress to the nines, fantastic. It’s also saying to come and be vulnerable, to allow yourself to let your walls down with other women, to know you have all these members and the Charley Co. team who are here to support you.


Beyond the Membership

 It means to be part of a community of like-minded women who are striving to be the best versions of themselves in both their personal and professional lives. It means getting up Monday morning excited to get to Charley’s to see familiar faces of women who are your supporters and your confidants. It means being part of a community of women who aren’t trying to compete with you or bring you down, but rather women who want to work beside you and help build you up. It means being able to be who you are without any hesitation – to show up every day knowing you have these sisters behind you, ready to help you, ready to guide you, ready to listen to you, ready to laugh with you and ready to grow with you.


Serpentine Image

Well historically, snakes represent fertility or a creative life force. I see them as strong animals, capable of literally shedding their own skin to be new – that is what really resonates with me and why I decided on the serpentine as the logo for Charley’s. This is a space where women can come and shed anything that is feeling heavy, this is a space they can creatively grow and be supported by the other women who are also working hard to grow and prosper.


Behind the Name

I wanted a name that was both male/female with the female spelling. My first choice was Billie’s but then Billie’s shaving came out for women and I decided it best to try another name. Charley was next on my list and Charley Co. just rolls off the tongue – it also embodies the sense of every woman.