Charley's Angels #1 - Stylist Hannah Moon

Whenever I get asked to tell the story of how I came up with Charley’s, there is one particular part that I always make sure to embellish on – not in the sense of making it bigger and better than it was, more along the lines of, it’s a really important part to the beginning of the story and I want people to understand why the concept of Charley’s is unlike other spaces out there.


I always tell people that my life changed a lot when I was 30 – I started getting really good at saying “yes” to the things I wanted in my life and got a lot better at saying “no” to everything else that wasn’t making my heart, head or soul happy. It wasn’t overnight, but I slowly became conscious of the people I had in my life and the work I was doing.


One night, I was hanging with one of my best friends Shayla and we were discussing starting a women’s networking experience in Denver – we knew a lot of incredible creative women throughout the city who didn’t know one another and who were constantly asking us if we knew good photographers, models, designers etc. So we were concepting how to make an event like nothing in the city and I grabbed a pad of paper and started writing a list of what and who was important to me and the things that kept showing up on the list were simply this:


1.     Relationships mean the world to me, whether my own or helping introduce people to one another, I want to connect with good humans and I want to help those humans meet more good humans in return – I wanted to build and grow communities

2.     I am and always will, support women and their ambitions, dreams and careers in any possible way I can


That made it quite obvious to me then and there that my career path was about to change but finally my work would be something I was truly passionate about and something I adamantly cared about.


Hence why I call Charley’s a women’s co-working + community space because this is more than just a space to come and work, Charley’s is a space to build up who you are as an individual and also, blossom among other women who are also striving to do the same. This is a place to bloom in both your personal and professional life. Charley’s is full of women who are one another’s friends, teachers, listeners, dreamers, doers, thinkers and builders.


Many organizations like Charley’s love to throw around the term “community” like it’s an of-course when you join part of the deal. But for me, I really do believe Charley’s is a community and walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to being involved in that community and helping build that community daily.


One way we decided to do that was to start a podcast where I get to sit down one on one with each member and talk about their lives, their work, who they are as women and of course have many a laughs while doing so. I feel fortunate that I get to sit down with each member and discover who they are because I think there is something really amazing that happens when women let their walls down with one another, when we can talk open and honestly about where we came from and how we go to where we are, the struggles, the bad decisions, the cries, the fights, the pick-me-ups, the turning over new leaves all of those things make us human and also mold us into who we are today.


My first member on the series is the lovely Hannah Moon – she is an international wardrobe stylist who lives in Denver and is one of the kindest souls I have ever encountered. She and I will be chatting about how your past does not have to define your future, starting over again after hitting ‘rock bottom’ and how it’s never too late to go after the career you’ve always wanted. Oh, and there might be a few voice impressions…like a dozen plus voice impressions.


I am looking forward to sharing the stories of all of these badass babes with you – this community of women inspire me daily and I know their stories will inspire you too.



Bryn Carter