Smells Like Team Spirit

Hey all – 

Thought I would take a minute to re-introduce myself my name is…ok, no, let’s just make this short and sweet.

If you have met me hi again and if you haven’t, it’s so great to meet you via this blog. My name is Bryn, I have lived in Denver the last 10 years, I hail from outside Chicago, I am 5’11” on a good day, my favorite animals are hippos and I am the founder of Charley Co. 

Charley’s, as I like to call it, was just a concept a little over a year and a half ago. I had turned 30 and had my “come to Jesus” moment of liking my job and being good in my career but my soul was screaming out for something more (picture a wailing 2-year-old child, that was not my soul, no, I would say more Adele sized yell with a  tinge of Mariah in there). So I listened and decided to compile a list of what was important to me, where I wanted to leave my mark, who I wanted to help both literally and figuratively. The things that kept presenting themselves were: I am a connector and builder of relationships and I love supporting the amazing women of Denver anyway I can. 

And BOOM Charley’s was born overnight just as God created the heavens...and I am totally joking, but you get the point. Then came the blood (not a ton), sweat and tears. Countless hours of making plans,  building excel sheets and pitching ideas and hoping and praying. 

So now we are here, 1 month we have been open and it has been quite a month. I think this is the first time in my life I really feel like I am doing work that I WANT to do, that I love to do and that I am excited to do every single fucking day. I admire all the incredible women in Denver and my hope is to build a community of baddies so large and in-charge that there is no room for competition and pettiness – it won’t happen overnight, but I figure we have to start somewhere and if I can offer a safe, healthy, empowering environment where women can come grow alongside other women in both their personal and professional lives, then I will start there.

I am excited to chat with you all more about Charley’s, about life, about growth and about so much more.

And I always love meeting new people so feel free to drop me a line if you ever want to say hi –

You’re the Tits.

Xo. B

Song I’m shaking it to: Iggy Azalea – Fuck It Up - just gather your girls and try NOT to shake it to this song, you can’t, it’s impossible.

Words I’m digging: “Just a friendly reminder to live your life. Take risks. Be wild. Be free. Dance in public. Fall in love. Make new friends. Share. Laugh. Cry. Eat cake. And be nice as hell to others.” - Cleo Wade

Denver, duh: Really excited for the new Mission Ballroom music venue that just opened a few blocks down from Charley’s. Designed by sound engineers, filled with art buy local artists, no service fees and a grand line-up, I would say I’m very ready to check out a show!

Photos by Cadence Meeks / Set Designer the lovely Shayla Preeshl / Design by my MAXIMALIST team