Denver Women's Coworking Community

Denver Women’s Coworking

Charley's is a community.

It is an assembly of women who genuinely want the best for one another.

Women who act as each other's cheerleaders as well as each other’s teachers.

A female focused work environment to engage, network and grow with.

We invite you to come as you are.

Featured Members

Jess Davis

Jay designs and creates all of her handbags. Every handbag is imagined first by laying out the leather to view it’s natural shape. From there Jay creates. Every handbag is made with care, passion and love.  As well, all handbags and leatherwork are made in Denver, Colorado with locally sourced materials.


Lindee Zimmer

Follow textures, lines and scattered stripes, and dive into the imagination; Lindee’s art stems from the colors of tropical birds, the cracks in the walls she draws her murals, energy of the universe that connects us. She draws inspiration off the patterns in leaves, she paints the vibrations of love, she sketches the frivolous buoyancy that brought us all to search for art in the first place. Anyway, make yourself at home, you are part of it now. Lindee was born in Colorado and currently lives in Denver. She has been a public artist for over 6 years, she loves collaboration, optical illusions and is a teacher and forever student.


Kirileigh Jones

Kirileigh is muralist based in Denver, Colorado.  She is a queen of geometric patterns and small detail and it is her colorful fusion of the two is her signature style.  The world is truly her canvas.

Ashely .png

Ashley Joon

Using acrylic paint, I create abstract florals with a balance of instinctual movement and subtle observations. Meaning, I dance as I paint using the rhythm of music to guide my brush, while pulling imagery from my imagination, photography and live flowers. With my intuitive technique, I paint without inhibitions, allowing myself to move wild and free and letting my paintings develop organically layer after layer.  Through this give and take process an interweaving effect naturally occurs.  I strive for my work to carry positive energy that will influence their surroundings. My hope is for the viewer to forget about their troubles and simply immerse themselves in brushstrokes.


Alyssa Mora

Alyssa is a hand lettering artist from Denver, Colorado. Aside from making art, she is a Netflix binger, and ice cream enthusiast. She is a self-taught lettering artist who has been doing lettering for about a year. She’s always up for a new challenge!


Allison Collins

Allison Collins is a writer and illustrator based in Denver, CO. Through her illustration, Allison is creating narratives of raw intimacy rooted in the power and play of nature. Through line, shape and subject matter she hopes to evoke the primal nature and mysticism we all carry.

Destiny .png

Destiny Acuna

In her own words: Destiny is a fine piece of art making fine art.  She makes swoon-worthy creations out of denim as well as dreamy paintings.

Chelsea Lewinski

Chelsea is a large scale painter and muralist based in Denver, Colorado.  She paints powerful images of all your favorite artists and leaders.


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